Our Latest Faves

This post is just a collection of games that we found and enjoyed over the last month on both Mobile and Console platforms. These were not necessarily released this month, or even in the last couple months. Sometimes you will see games here that have been out for quite some time! Each game featured on this list will get a full review that will be posted on our blog each month, so be looking forward to those!

Top 3 Mobile Platform Games from January 2017:

  1. Super Dangerous DungeonsAdventure Islands Games (Google Play & Apple App Stores)
  2. Cluckle’s AdventuresLittle Adventures (Google Play & Apple App Stores)
  3. MicRogueJason Pickering – Published by Crescent Moon Games (Google Play & Apple App Stores)

Best Console Game from January 2017:

Rocket League

Game of the Month that we backed on Kickstarter:

UnDungeon – by Laughing Machines

This game looks amazing. The pixel art, characters, animations and scenery all look fantastic. We really hope that these guys succeed in getting their funding, because we can not WAIT to see what they are able to produce as a final product! Good luck Laughing Machines!