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Cluckes Adventure – Game Review

Cluckles Adventure

Cluckles Adventure is a pixel art platforming adventure developed by Little Adventures. The artwork is the best of the three games that we fave’d and have reviewed this month. Little Adventures have done a fantastic job with the backgrounds, foregrounds, obstacles, enemies, decorations and Cluckles, creating a wonderful environment for a game world. Cluckles Adventure is free game with a boatload of levels, and for the small number of ads in the game, the content you get from Cluckles Adventure is astronomical. Little Adventures clearly created the game more because they love what they do, more so that as a quick cash grab hoping to strike it rich, like so many games in the App and Play Stores these days.


Here is where I promise that not ALL of my reviews are going to be of pixel art games, it’s just that the games I fell in love with this month all happened to be pixel art games. However, this weeks game is a cut above the others in my opinion, with great color coordination and incredible pixel art. The menus all look fantastic, and the level select screens are incredibly well done. UI is one of the best parts of the look of this game, and even though the touch buttons are not my favorite, they tie in well and at least match in style. Cluckles and the enemies all have a very dark outline, contrast to the color matching outlines of the backgrounds, foregrounds and decorations in the game. While it is a clash of styles, it actually works in this instance by creating a greater distinction between the characters and everything else in the world.


Animations are another story though, pretty much all of them are “meh”. Which is unfortunate in my opinion with how great the rest of the game looks. Overall in the graphics department, I was pleased, but the animations did leave me wanting more.


Gameplay / Game Design

Cluckles Adventure is a platformer that focuses on timing and less so on precision. Don’t misunderstand that though, there are some levels/portions of levels that are very precision heavy, but the overall focus is definitely more on the timing side. The gravity scale in Cluckles is heavy. REALLY heavy. Cluckles acceleration up and down is very, very fast, and is my one complaint in regards to the overall feel of the game. Personally, I would like to see the gravity scaled toned down a little bit so that the rise and fall of the main character was a little bit slower. Each level has a specific number of chicks in it that you need to find. Each chick corresponds to a star for your completion rating once you complete the level. There will definitely be a lot of the perfection hunters that enjoy finding every last one, though I will admit, some of them are frustrating to hunt down. The controls feel good and tight, with plenty of air acceleration you will never feel like you are not in control of the character. The double jump and wall slide features are nice as well, because you can always jump off of a wall slide the game definitely feels like it falls more in the “timing platforfer” than “precision platformer” since the mechanics are pretty forgiving.

Game Length and Replayability

There are 108 levels in the game, and for you to complete them all will take a long time, especially if you want to get a perfect rating for all 108 of them. With Cluckles Adventure being completely free, and the sparse nature of the ads in the game, I applaud the developer, well done good sir. This game is incredibly long, and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with the content they get from Cluckles Adventure. Replayability is pretty low in my opinion, but with how long the game is to begin with, I don’t think that will bother most people.


A well put together platforming adventure, that’s incredibly long for a free mobile game. Definitely give this one a shot.

Rating: 4.4
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– Lucas Tinius