The Leadership

Lucas Tinius

Owner | Lead Developer

Nathan Tinius

Owner / Lead Designer




Hours Invested


Songs Listened To

How We Got Started

We are just two guys from Nashville, Tn. Lucas had an idea for a mobile game that he wanted to create and so the journey began. Surprisingly enough neither one of us had any real programming experience. Nathan graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from MTSU and Lucas graduated with a BS in Engineering from UofM.

That didn’t stop us, though. Lucas rapidly learned the unity platform and to code in C# and from scratch built out the entire game Archer Dash 2. Nathan came up with the name Gray Giant Games and then designed and developed the logo, website, promotional material and set up our social platforms.

You may be wondering why we chose the name that we did. We decided to go with Gray Giant Games because we believe that everyone has the potential inside them to be giant. Becoming a giant is not easy… it takes countless hours, a lot of failures, some successes, a ton of music, coffee and some luck. While, we aren’t saying that we’re a “giant” success in the gaming world. (Monetarily speaking especially) We are becoming self-proclaimed giants in the sense of self-accomplishment and that’s all that really matters. But, making some money would definitely keep the MRS’s happy.